About LOGiQ Asset Management

Providing Canadian investors with clarity, strategy and opportunity in volatile times.

In the face of geopolitical change and market turbulence, the limitations of a passive approach to investing are apparent. It is not enough to mirror an index, replicate a portfolio and just hope for the best.

LOGiQ has been purpose built to thrive in challenging markets. To create value and drive returns for advisors and their clients, LOGiQ has calibrated nimble response with long-term vision.

In a crowded and competitive field, the firm is set apart by its team, technology and acute focus on delivering above-average returns with a strict discipline for both managing risk and the cost of active investment management.

LOGiQ employs the newest technologies to complement decades worth of portfolio management experience in various specialty equity, fixed income and alternative portfolios. When combined with our knowledgeable, highly professional team, LOGiQ is uniquely positioned to deliver value and creative investment solutions.

CEO Joe Canavan recognized the need for a new order of logical, intelligent investing in these uncertain times. He established LOGiQ by combining the best of two established firms: Aston Hill Financial and Front Street Capital, creating a platform for organic growth and growth through future acquisitions.

Joe draws upon the experience of a 30-year career as a capital markets entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist. That experience informs Joe’s commitment to values-based leadership and the integrity required to build a competitive force for delivering results in a new era.

Joe Canavan

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Joe Canavan

President and CEO
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