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Democratizing investing – a new take on wealth creation.

LOGiQ Asset Management is a new asset management and advisory business headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Created in December of 2016, LOGiQ was born out of the combination of two asset management firms and a leading provider of institutional investment management representation services.

President and CEO Joe Canavan spent three decades crafting active management solutions aimed at helping Canadian families prosper. Driven by a desire to see the markets reward all investors, Joe saw an opportunity to democratize the wealth strategies typically available only to the high net worth and institutional investor.

LOGiQ is passionately focused on addressing the marketplace’s need for unique, actively managed solutions designed to:

  • Outperform passive or core strategies during volatile markets,
  • Add value above passive strategies in normal conditions, and
  • Add yield in low interest rate environments for equivalent risk levels.

Investment professionals with decades of experience managing specialty equity, fixed income and alternative asset investments have been hand chosen to manage LOGiQ retail portfolios.  The portfolio managers are supported by superior talent, tools and technology, enabling nimble decision making in their pursuit of alpha.

For LOGiQ Global Partners, the firm’s institutional arm, the service model is solutions based, focusing on the needs of the institutional client and introducing the appropriate, vetted, best-in-class managers from around the globe to provide suitable solutions. These same sophisticated strategies and managers are a source for solutions for individual investors.

The new LOGiQ investment management and institutional platform has been enabled to serve multiple investor segments and distribution channels—key to building rapid scale, and efficiencies that can be passed on to all clients and stakeholders.

And, in typical Canavan style, Joe has embraced a values-based leadership model to build LOGiQ into a competitive force delivering results for a new era.

Joe Canavan

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