Robo suitcase keeps pace
If you’ve been wondering why your cell phone can tune your guitar or teach you how to meditate, but it can’t move your luggage around, wonder no longer. The Travelmate autonomous suitcase links with a cell phone’s GPS, enabling it to maintain close proximity to its owner and adjust its speed as the owner walks through an airport. With a battery life of four hours, the case has specially designed wheels for travel over bumpy terrain and multi-directional movement. It also has smart sensors to avoid obstacles.

Source: “This robot suitcase will follow you around,” by Lauren Shamo, Business Insider, April 9, 2017.

Eight o’clock on the dot
The Dot watch features four Braille characters driven by magnetically controlled pins. With a Bluetooth phone connection, it can scroll through texts and emails. It can also tell the time.

“Augmented ability: How smart tech is making assistive technology smarter,” by Michelle Z. Donahue, PC Magazine, May 2017.

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